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Company Profile

ITOCHU Australia is a 100%-owned subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation in Japan, which is one of the leading general trading companies, or so-called "sogo shosha". The word "sogo" literally means "general", while "shosha" means "trading or business company". Hence, the term "general trading company".

Trading is one of the main functions of "sogo shosha" - which act sometimes as importer, sometimes as exporter, and sometimes as distributor of goods and services globally. While this traditional style of trading will always remain one of the cornerstones of ITOCHU Australia's business, this role has expanded over the years to meet the fast changing international environment. Other functions now include finance, direct and indirect investment, marketing, shipping and warehousing.

Over 60 years ago, ITOCHU Australia started its business in Australia by buying and exporting wool. This business was the foundation of ITOCHU Australia's business activities. Later we expanded our business operations and presence into a much wider range of business activities. These activities include trading in primary and natural commodities such as iron ore and coal, grains, wood chips and foodstuffs, as well as materials such as chemical products.

ITOCHU “Brand new deal 2017”, which has been adopted by ITOCHU Australia, aims to enhance our corporate value on the world stage and to ensure that ITOCHU becomes a global enterprise that is highly attractive to all stakeholders and respected by global society as a good corporate citizen. To achieve those objectives, we are working hard to build a solid earnings base by undertaking a growth strategy specifically focused on the non-resource sector. At the same time, we are also aiming to expand operating capabilities and business ventures in China as well as throughout the Asian region by way of maximising the associated synergies from the strategic alliances formed with both CITIC and the CP Group.

Corporate Overview

ITOCHU Australia Ltd.

  • Founded : 1957
  • Number of Offices : 3 (Sydney, Brisbane, Perth)

ITOCHU Corporation

  • ITOCHU Corporation
  • Founded : 1858
  • Incorporated : 1949

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